Gardening, Growth and Self Care

The activity will invite families currently involved with the Rockhampton Intensive Family Support Program and the Rockhampton Specialist Therapy Service to participate in a gardening activity. Children and young people with a family member will be guided through a process of choosing a small plant pot, painting and decorating the pot and, filling the pot with soil and planting a seedling. By using the concept of planting, growth and thriving, families will be guided through the hands on activity as well as an opportunity to work together with their support worker or Therapist dependent on the Program either within a group setting or individually. The family are involved with discussing the concept of growth and change, care and nurturing while using the resources to be creative in the process. As the Therapists at times work with young people independent of a parent or carer the client may choose to undertake the activity with the Therapist. As both programs are working with extremely vulnerable children, young people and parents or carers with often childhood or previous abuse histories, it is imperative to continue to promote the concept of growth, healing and care for this cohort.

This activity will highlight the need for children and young people to not only have their physical needs met but with love, nurturing and understanding, have their emotional needs met for them to have the best outcomes.



From: 5 Sep 2022 @ 9:00 AM

To: 9 Sep 2022 @ 5:00 PM


Name: Ruth Griese

Phone: +61448389302


Act for Kids

38 Armstrong Street

Berserker, North Rockhampton