Central Queensland Safety Starts at Home Bags

During Child Protection Week, we are supporting community events across Central Queensland, featuring free community events, protective behaviour book readings, educational talks that promote Protecting Children is Everybody’s Business.  The events, are designed to engage and involve families, caregivers, and children. Our goal is to reinforce the collective responsibility we all share in ensuring the safety of our children. Families and events will be provided free resources bags

We will also include resources from:

  • Protective Behaviour books and packs from Jayneen Sanders
  • A range books from Magalaba books and the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation
  • National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse – colouring books
  • 1-page resource of links to supports and education material

Fun activities will vary between areas however each bag will Include:

  • Playdough
  • New soft toys or New small toys.
  • Pencils etc.
  • Kids Helpline and parent line merchandise
  • Various make your own activities

Our bags are purposefully targeting children from 0-10, educators, parents, careers, services who support families in Central Queensland.  We are able to provided resources for 300 bags through a Child Protection Week Grant and the generosity of multiply services and donations and in-kind support from NGO’s, individuals and teams in Local, State and Federal government departments and faith-based organisations across Central Queensland. We will  acknowledged  support and contributions from the many individual’s and organisations during Child Protection Week.

Auspice by UntingCare and supported by Central Queensland Local Level Alliance members across and organisations throughout Central Queensland, Gladstone, Calliope, Rockhampton, Blackwater and Emerald


From: 30 Aug 2023 @ 9:00 AM

To: 9 Sep 2023 @ 4:00 PM


Name: Cheryl Casserly

Phone: 0427527799


Multiple in Central Queensland