Child Safety Week Professional Development – Navigating Family Law

Lawyers from the Women’s Legal Service will be present to field questions from participants and will look at covering the following topics: How to do the initial applications to FLC (Family Law Court), where to get paperwork, how to lodge and what needs to be contained in the forms.
– Who do the people doing their own applications talk to when trying to work out how to fill things out, etc. Are there duty solicitors at the FLC that they can get advice from.
– How a person can go about asking the court for a Independent representation for the children to be appointed.
What happens if a parent feels that the children are at risk and wants to keep them from the other parent – what might be the consequences, what processes might happen.
– Grandparents and FLC – we expect a lot of grandparents to care for the children and kids are at risk if the parents take them so how can grandparents use the system to seek custody of the children in their care.
– How and what sort of evidence should a person be keeping ready for Family Law Court.
– If people lose their court orders how can they get a copy?
– Does domestic and family violence change how a Family Law Court order may be made.
– Property law and domestic violence. – if time available.
– Q & A from participants


Date: 5 Sep 2018

Time: 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM


Name: South Burnett CTC - Partners in Foster Care

Phone: 4169 0587.


Enterprise Centre

6 Cornish Street

Kingaroy, South Burnett