Gatton Kindergarten Annual Bike-A-Thon

Our annual Bike-A-Thon is held to help the Kindergarten raise funds towards any recourses that are need throughout the year or for the year following. As we are a Non for Profit Organisation we rely heavily on Fundraising to provide our Kindergarten children with the best, from everything including recourses for both our inside and outside environments, staff training to keep up to date in the industry, and also give the children the best care we can.

The Bike-A-Thon even itself is a bike ride through our main street here in Gatton. The emergency services block of the street to keep the traffic out and allow the children to ride on the road safely. Each child has a Sponsorship attached to the front of their bike in order to display our great business, here and throughout QLD and also our little community. They event is also open for the families of our Kindy children and they too are allowed to ride and display a sponsor. After the bike ride the children and their families are then invited to our ‘Fun Fair’ afterwards, in which we have lots or stall holders, games, food vans, drink vans, prizes, dance groups and much more. The fun fair ends at 2pm on the day of the Bike ride and this part is open for ALL to attend (where the Bike ride itself is just for the Kindy community).

The Bike-A-Thon is a Community event bringing business in and around Gatton a chance to be seen and heard, all the while allowing the children to be apart of something of high importance to them and providing for all in a bigger and better way.

This year and for following years we are going to incorporate Queensland Child Protection Week within the Bike-A-Thon event through a few different medias, to allow the importance of QCPS to be recognised for all that they do, all that they continue to do and the help that they offer both children and families.

In order to display QCPW we are putting together balloons with the QCPW logo for each child to have on the back on their bike. We will have 2 Calico Banners with our Kindy logo, the QCPW logo and also the slogan ‘Protecting Children is EVERYBODY’S Business’ printed (these Banners are held during the Bike ride by Staff members and then displayed at the 2 entrances in the fun fair event after the ride itself). We will Sponsorship tags for some of the bikes to be displayed with QCPW, the logo and the slogan. The Staff and Committee members will also be wearing Bike-A-Thon shirts, which we are getting made and also will have the QCPW logo and slogan on them as well as our Kindy Logo.


Date: 10 Sep 2022

Time: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Name: Michelle Duff

Phone: 0754621496


Gatton Kindergarten Bike-A-Thon

19 North Street

Gatton, Queensland