Goodstart Early Learning Mount Louisa

During the Protection Week will have our Art Garla displayed in our foyers,  some arts work displayed in our local library, and online through social media.

Our theme and goal for 2023 is empower our little people and give them an opportunity to feel safe and to trust their feelings. We want to encourage our Kindy Class to really look at the people around them that can help us because Safety is everyone business. When we feel……. we can talk to…… (through the arts)


We also be adding new books to our little Community Library that is shared with all children in our centre and has supported families that have experienced abused, seen domestic violence and are exploring body parts. These books are shared within our community as well and have been great for our families to borrow.

We will be shining a light for Child Protection with our fairy lights, lantern and crafts work.


There will be banners around the centre and community so watch this space.




Date: 4 Sep 2023

Time: All day event


Name: Zoey-Ann English

Phone: 47744897


Goodstart Early Learning Mount Louisa

458 Bayswater Road

Mount Lousia , Qld