Hands On Art Workshop to Lady Gowrie Red Hill Community Kindergarten for Child Protection Week

For the 4th year running, our children enrolled will work on an Art Project with local community organisation “Hands – On – Art” during Queensland Child Protection Week.

The children will be making Kangaroos. The theme selected by Hands On Art – One of the traits of the kangaroo is its ability to leap, be it going toward something new or from an unpleasant situation, kangaroos leap. One reason a kangaroo hops is to protect its young. Kangaroos hold their young joeys in their pouch until they are old enough to look after themselves. The pouch is a safe place that gives the joey everything they need to grow up happy and healthy. The kangaroo represents the ability to adapt, stamina and making wise choices.


From: 4 Sep 2023

To: 8 Sep 2023


Name: Angela Moynihan



Lady Gowrie Red Hill Community Kindergarten

95 Enoggera Terrace

Red Hill, Red Hill