Hermit Park State School

Hermit Park State School Child Protection Week Activities

Invitation only event

Between 4th to 6th September LIFE Education will deliver their curriculum-aligned program to all Year 5 and 6 students in their class groups. The students will develop their awareness and understanding of protective behaviours, at-risk behaviour, safe and unsafe relationships, and identifying their safety networks and resources. Parents and teachers are invited to an evening class on 5th September to develop their own skills in communicating around potentially sensitive and difficult topics in order to be a valuable and protective resource for children. The HPSS P & C is extremely grateful to partner with Child Protection Week to increase the ability of the school community to safeguard the rights of each student. 


Date: 4 Sep 2017

Time: All day event


Name: Natalie Taylor



Hermit Park State School

Surrey St

Hermit Park, Townsville