Mundubbera Kindergarten Child Protection Fun Day

We will be hosting a Community Fun Day at the kindergarten, providing a morning of play, craft and language activities for families and young children in the Mundubbera community. Our focus will be activities that promote children’s development of Language, Physicality and Well-Being, including the Hands on Art Kingfisher project, the local Mundubbera Library providing reading and construction play activities and provision of a healthy picnic morning tea. Local organisations who are involved in supporting local families will be asked to promote this event and encourage their members to participate on the day. This will include families from kindy, our Great Start Transition to Kindy families, our 2021 kindy children who are now at Prep, Kindy LinQ and playgroups.


Date: 7 Sep 2022

Time: 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM


Name: Judith Woodman-Huth

Phone: 0741654170


Mundubbera Kindergarten

27 Bauer Street

Mundubbera, Mundubbera