St Francis College – Protecting Children on the Internet is Everybody’s Business

At St Francis College, we recognise that the growth of online access for students is burgeoning. As a result, the risks for students also have grown exponentially. While student use of online technology is an important tool in our learning and continues to provide excellent avenues for entertainment, there are key hazards of which we all need to be aware in order to minimise and identify risks to our online safety.

Students in Years 5 and 6 will engage in a presentation from Internet Safe Education. The presenters are highly qualified to raise students’ awareness of the dangers and how best to manage them given their experiences in law enforcement, student protection and online activity.


Date: 23 Aug 2023



Name: David Macknish

Phone: 0734894800


San Damiano Hall, St Francis College

64 Julie Street

Crestmead, Logan