Street Library Grand Opening

As an Exceeding Early Learning Service, we understand that Protecting children is everybody’s business and educating our children and local community about protecting themselves, protecting others and building awareness around speaking up is important in all ages.

Therefore, to start off children protection week we will unveil our Community Street Library, our street library will enable us to provide children and families from our community access to information on local programs and initiatives as well as exchange books centered around personal safety and looking after others, among other wonderful things. Our service is situated in close proximity to multiple local school as well as a large residential complex so this initiative will be able to have an impact to so many in our local community.

Our local member of parliament Chris Whiting  will be in attendance to officially open it cutting the ribbon.

We will also be inviting representatives from our local schools and allied health professionals to attend the unveiling and place their information within the library.

We believe that securing a safe space to collect information when needed is hugely beneficial in allowing communication and conversations to be had , that can be used by our families as well as our community to create knowledge around this important topic whilst supporting families to have supportive conversations with their children.



Date: 5 Sep 2022

Time: 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM


Name: Goodstart Early Learning North Lakes College Street

Phone: 38865455


Goodstart Early Learning North Lakes College Street

5-7 college street

north lakes, Brisbane