Toowoomba Catholic Schools – ‘It’s ok to speak up’ online video

Toowoomba Catholic Schools has a proud history of educating young people across south-western Queensland. With 31 schools from Toowoomba in the east, to Quilpie in the west and as far south as Stanthorpe, our education choices include primary, secondary and prep-to-year 12 schools including a girls boarding school.

Wanting to further empower all of our students to both understand the ways in which they can be supported to feel safe, and the options they have in raising concerns within their school, we have captured the voices and views of selected students in a short online video – ‘It’s ok to speak up’.

The video will be shared with our school communities during Child Protection Week, and indeed on an ongoing basis. The video will be available for viewing at from 3 September.

 The video includes:

  • students discussing the types of issues that worry them on a day to day basis, for example academic demands, friendship issues, cyberbullying, peer group difficulties;
  • students discussing the options they have to raise a concern, and addressing the barriers to doing so;
  • students encouraging other students to speak out if they need help or have a concern;
  • students discussing how they can help and support each other
  • students promoting the rights of children to feel safe, and how to recognise when there is a concern;
  • information about staff members and other adults in our school communities who can support students
  • promoting the message that we all have a role in keeping children safe


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