Activity Grant 2020

Application for Funding

  • Organisation Details (or sponsoring organisation details)

    Funds are only provided to non-Government organisations and/or not-for-profit organisations.

  • Contact Details of Event Organisers:

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  • Details of Person Responsible for Financial Accountability:

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  • Public Liability Insurance Policy Details: (attach copy of current certificate):

    Does your organisation hold appropriate insurance? Please ensure that your public liability insurance covers the proposed event. Please specify the type of insurance cover held:

  • Overview of Activity

    Your application will be judged against the following key criteria. Refer to the guidelines.
  • include address of proposed event
  • Identify Event Region:

  •  Region Family support services (Family and child connect catchments)
    Northern Queensland


    Cape York/Torres Strait (enquiries currently being managed through Cairns)



    Mt Isa/ Gulf

    Central Queensland





    Sunshine Coast/Gympie

    Moreton Bay

    Brisbane North

    Brisbane South

    Brisbane South West 

    South West




    South East

    Gold Coast Logan


    Browns Plains/Beaudesert

  • include estimated number of attendees. Please write a statement to explain how your project will reflect the aims and theme of Child Protection Week 2020 in your local community.
  • outline how both the activity and Child Protection Week will be promoted, and to whom (eg. brochures, posters, media etc).

  • Please Provide Banking Details for Payment Processing:

  • Please Provide Itemised Breakdown of Anticipated Costs:

  • Amount: $1000.00 (inclusive GST) subject to funding approval.

    Application due date 15 May 2020

    Acquittal due 5 October 2020

  • I/we declare that the information provided here is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate and complete. I/We agree to abide by the conditions of funding laid out in the application form and understand that I/we will be responsible for completing an accountability of expenditure report within one month of the completion of the activity. Due date 6 October 2020
  • Sign electronically using your mouse/finger