Regional Grants 2019

Application for Funding

  • Funds are only provided to non-Government organisations and/or not-for-profit organisations.

  • Organisation Details

    (or sponsoring organisation details)
  • required for receipt notification
  • Event Organising Committee Details:

    You must actively include and involve at least 5 organisations (both non-govt & government) who work with children, young people, parents, carers and families as part of the event planning committee
  • Member NameOrganisationEmail AddressPhone 
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  • Identify Event Region:

  •  Region Family support services (Family and child connect catchments)
    Northern Queensland


    Cape York/Torres Strait (enquiries currently being managed through Cairns)



    Mt Isa/ Gulf

    Central Queensland





    Sunshine Coast/Gympie

    Moreton Bay

    Brisbane North

    Brisbane South

    Brisbane South West 

    South West




    South East

    Gold Coast Logan


    Browns Plains/Beaudesert

  • Insurance Policy Details: (attach copy of current certificate)

    Does your organisation hold appropriate insurance? Please ensure that your public liability insurance covers the proposed event. Please specify the type of insurance cover held:
  • Overview of Activity

    Your Regional application will be judged against the following key criteria. Refer to the guidelines.
  • include address of proposed event/s
  • include estimated number of attendees per event. Please write a statement to explain how your project will reflect the aims and theme of Child Protection Week 2019 in your local community.
  • outline how both the activity and Child Protection Week will be promoted, and to whom (eg. brochures, posters, media etc).
  • Please Provide Banking Details for Payment Processing:

  • Please Provide Itemised Breakdown of Anticipated Costs:

  • Proposed Budget - Grants of up to $5000 (inclusive of GST) are available:

    To be eligible for funding your submission must respond to the selection criteria outlined below.

        1. Facilitate a regional event that promotes the theme Protecting Children is Everybody’s Business and reflects the interests and diversity of the region;
        2. The event/activity must be completed within Child Protection Week 1-7 September 2019. In exceptional circumstances, applications for event/activities in the week prior to Child Protection Week will be considered.
        3. raise awareness of child abuse and neglect as an issue within local Australian communities
        4. promote local services available to support children and families who have experienced child abuse and neglect, or are at risk
        5. equip individuals and communities with knowledge and skills to understand child abuse and neglect and empower them to take action
        6. Funding submissions must reflect collaboration with other agencies within the region (minimum 5 organisations required)

    Application due date 17 May 2019

  • I/we declare that the information provided here is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate and complete. I/We agree to abide by the conditions of funding laid out in the application form and understand that I/we will be responsible for completing an accountability of expenditure report within one month of the completion of the activity.
  • Sign electronically using your mouse/finger