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2022 Award Winners

Professional Government
Outstanding contribution to promoting child protection issues in their capacity as a Professional working in the child protection (or related) field.
Winner: Caroline collins


Professional Non-Government
Outstanding contribution to child protection at a practice, policy or service development level within the public service
Winner: Elizabeth Harris


Media & Communications Award
Development of an innovative approach, research or resource to promote child protection.
Winner: DNX Media

Our Children Our Future
Outstanding contribution to honouring connection to family, community, culture and country through the development of policy, programs or practice that promote self-determination for First Nations families, children and young people.
Winner: Family Participation Program - Logan 

Thriving Communities Initiative Award
Any community operated program, initiative, event or campaign that focuses on enhancing child protection in our communities
Winner: Stymie 

Regional Program
Program that operates within part of, or across, a region to address some aspect of child protection.
Winner: NELP (Navigating Early Learning Pathways)

Invaluable contributions to child protection made by volunteers working in government or non-government agencies.
Winner: Karen and Darren Germon, Hope in a Suitcase Australia 

Child Safe Organisation Award
Demonstrated commitment to the ongoing journey of creating a child-focused culture that keeps children safe and well (in line with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations)
Winner: G8 Education 

Youth Participation
Involvement of young people in the planning of a local activity to promote child protection
Winner: Solid Voices of Tomorrow Project - QATSICPP

Education Initiative Award
Development of an innovative approach, research or resource to promote child protection.
Winner: The Yili Program 

Transition to Success
Outstanding contribution made by local community groups or local business involved with the T2S program to get the best outcomes for young people 15 and over who are involved in the youth justice system or are assessed as being at risk of entering it.
Winner: Three Big Rivers 

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