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2019 Award Winners


Professional (Government) Award –  Reeny Jurczyszyn - Queensland Children’s Health (QCH) Child Protection and Forensic Medical Service (CPFMS

Professional (Non-Government) Award – Lucas Moore - CREATE

Volunteer Award – Kathleen Cady – Foster Carer

Regional Program Award – Street C.R.E.D.

Education Initiative Award – Do You Know the Signs? Child protection mentoring program.  Yvonne Black and Annie Park

Youth Participation Award – SPEAK UP Program

Media & Communications Award – Amanda Lampe - Senior Media and Public Affairs Officer, QPS & Cameron Browne - Content and Multimedia Officer, QPS

Addressing overrepresentation of ATSI families, children and young people in the child protection system Award – Renee Bull - Qld Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC)

Community Initiative – Redlands Integrated Early Years Place and BootsFourKids - Shaun Slater



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